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Binance Download would like to thank a group of colleagues who are still fighting silently during the holidays - our 7 * 24-hour online customer service group. We interviewed some of them to see what kind of experience it is to engage in work that is crucial to money security operations


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Binance APP Due to the accelerated development of the industry, more new users have joined the cryptocurrency world. The number of active users has increased tenfold in the short term, but the expansion of our customer service team has not been able to catch up with this speed.


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Binance App In order to improve our service rounds and allow users to receive services in a timely manner, our customer service team has been expanded three times. At the same time, we are looking for, interviewing, hiring and training new customer service personnel in various language regions every day.


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Binance us customer service colleague who started from the bull market described the training process as "phased results": master the basics in one month, make progress in three months, and become an expert in one year. Most customer service colleagues agree that it takes at least a month to master the basics of customer service.

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The Binance APP Official Website Download Our customer service team on Binance's official website agreed that the most fulfilling part of this work is as a colleague said: "When I receive a thank you from a satisfied customer." Another colleague said : "I really enjoy the process of letting people understand new concepts. It is also very happy to help others.


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Binance Coin To survive this storm and prepare for a better future, we need to consider all possible options and redesign our portfolio in the best possible way. If you are still a novice investor, this article will help you sort out some of the most basic investment tools


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The Binance Exchange downloads Bonds are a simple investment tool, but young investors usually don't feel it. You can understand a bond as an IOU written by a company or government to investors. Investors will receive a certain percentage of the face value each year as interest.

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Binance APP Download Gold does not need to be explained too much. It has been the most popular hedging and hedging asset for centuries. In the past, central banks used gold to support their currencies, including the U.S. dollar. Gold is welcomed by every generation. There are two forms of physical gold and gold ETF (digital gold share), both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. But this article is about investment potential, so the two are basically the same.


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Binance App Download There are actually many reasons why gold is valuable, the most important of which may be scarcity.

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Binance Download APP The simplest investment tool is Bitcoin, which is a leading crypto asset created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin is often referred to as "digital gold", "sound currency" or "perfect store of value". It has attracted a lot of attention in the past few years and has become the most popular investment product for investors under 30. The value of Bitcoin stems from different characteristics and fundamentals, but overall it is determined by its scarcity, freedom, security and transaction convenience.

* Binance exchange During the period of global market turmoil, many institutions and enterprises flooded into the Bitcoin market. Bitcoin not only rose sharply in price, but also officially consolidated its position as a long-term investment tool. If you want to find a safe value-preservation and appreciation tool for your hard-earned money, this world's top crypto asset may be your best choice.

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